What We Do

Scope Of Work

Pushan Placements & Client

  • Sourcing profiles based on the specs given by client.
  • Arranging for interviews
  • Sharing/ bridging gaps between the client and the candidate. .
  • Helping the client close the position.
  • Helping client in salary negotiations
  • Free Replacement if Associate resigns within 03 months
  • Facilitating Associates in case of any emergency
  • Facing Govt. inspections relevant to the service
Scope of work – CLIENT
  • Client shall provide complete support needed to find the right fit candidate.
  • Client will provide written Job description
  • Client would conduct fair interview
  • Client to provide us with feedback of the candidates
  • Client to issue Offer Letter/ Appointment letter on selection.
  • Client to take care of all joining formalities of the candidate.
  • Client should be fair and follow the norms and regulations of the land.


Sourcing charges

8% of the first year’s total Cost To Company (CTC) for each position we are seeking to fill subject. For purposes of calculation, CTC includes fixed base salary, sign-on payment, incentive bonuses (cash and non-cash), stock grants, restrictive stock, stock options, housing, retrial benefits, car / transport and all other allowances / benefits /perquisites. Where the bonus is not known or guaranteed upon joining, a reasonable estimate may be substituted. Monetized values used where ascertainable.

Time line for payments

The payment to be made within 4(four) weeks from the date of candidate joining in the organization. The invoice will be raised once the candidate joins the company.

Government norms

The above figures are exclusive of prevailin tax as per Government Regulations.

Client's Role of

Pushan Placements

Our experience demonstrates that the most successful search assignments are those in which we work closely together and partner with our client. Accordingly, Pushan Placements would like to indicate the unique contribution that you can make to the recruitment process. While we seek to identify and recommend qualified candidates for a position, you and your colleagues will decide whom to hire. There are several additional responsibilities that we recommend you undertake to ensure that the best candidates are made available.